What to Expect During Professional Window Installation

Window installation is on the rise in preparation for cooler temperatures. And with more homeowners looking to get new windows in before winter, we wanted to clear up some of the process so you know what to expect during your professional installation. Here is a generalized list of what our process looks like and the […]

Questions to Ask your Window Contractor

Getting new windows in Westminster, CA is a large investment. You want to mitigate risk by making sure your project is in the right hands. Because even a great window installed poorly will not look and perform as it should. What is the Full Company Name and Address? Not only do you want to hire […]

6 of the Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make Buying New Windows

Getting new windows is a major investment and commitment. There are countless styles, technologies, colors, and materials at your disposal. These options can complicate the buying process. It is easy to become overwhelmed and make mistakes. So here is a brief rundown of the top mistakes you want to avoid: Waiting too Long Few homeowners […]

Preparing your Home for New Window Installation

You took the plunge and decided to replace the outdated windows in your home. It is was a tough, but great decision. If the old windows are leaky, difficult to open, or warped and chipped then replacement windows will be a huge value. But what now? The process for installing windows does take some demolition. […]