Should I Worry about Window Condensation?

Condensation on the exterior surfaces of your windows in Garden Grove, CA is common and typically harmless. It can form on the inside or outside of your home due to humidity, temperature, climate, and moisture levels. That said, there are some cases where condensation indicates a looming problem that is not easily corrected. So here […]

Modern Window Technologies you Should Know

Over the past sixty years, windows in Long Beach, CA have changed dramatically. These advancements improve structural integrity, durability, and thermal performance. And the products are always changing and advancing. These are just a few of the technologies you should take note of: Vinyl and Fiberglass Frames Wood and metal have been on the market […]

Most Common Causes of Window Drafts

As temperatures begin to drop, you want to keep your home comfortable, especially during the holiday season. But have you ever walked by a window in the late afternoon and felt the heat getting through? Does a particular room get cold at night? The problem can stem from a leaky window. Not only can it […]

Do I Want Sliding Windows in Long Beach, CA?

Next to choosing a material, choosing a window style is often the toughest choice homeowners make, especially when they discover they do not have to replace an existing window with the exact same style. There are so many options, it’s hard to choose. To help you feel confident in your decision, here is what you […]