Top Window Styles for Ventilation

Fresh, clean air is an essential element to sustain life, health, and well being. Older homes have more small openings that allowed for a constant exchange of air with the outdoors. And while that isn’t ideal for energy efficiency, it is for ventilation. Today, homes are sealed up tight. That is why, no matter the […]

Tips for Spotting High Quality Vinyl

Vinyl is a great all-weather material for windows in Westminster, CA. It will not rot, rust, or corrode due to moisture. It will not warp or fade due to sun exposure. It is an excellent insulator because it is mostly plastic. And it will not dent or scratch. There are so many benefits to choosing […]

FAQs about Low-E Windows

Windows and doors are the weakest points in the exterior envelope of your home. They are prone to heat, air, and moisture leaks. That is why window and door manufacturers constantly work to develop new features and technologies that will improve efficiency. Every company wants to be on the cutting edge and these are changing […]