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What are the Best Replacement Windows for Natural Ventilation?

With natural ventilation air from the outside is gets pulled inside without the use of mechanical or electrical devices. This is important because ventilation improves indoor air quality and encourages passive cooling. Natural ventilation reduces the cost of using electrical means to make your home more comfortable. And the best way to get ventilation in your home is with […]

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How to Spot and Fix Window Leaks

When it comes to air and moisture leaks, windows are most often the culprits. This is why it is important to pay attention to these fenestrations and spot problems before they cause even more damage, for your home and pocketbook. Checking for leaks if fairly simple. But resolving the problem could be as easy as […]

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Get Your Home Ready for Fall and Winter

In many ways fall is a time of transition. The weather shifts, school is back in session, and life normalizes for a while before the rush of the holidays. You want to make sure your home is in order before the temperatures really begin to drop. From checking the roof to getting replacement windows in Cypress, CA, […]