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Best Replacement Windows for Small Homes

Living in a smaller space has a lot of benefits. It often means less cleaning and maintenance, less energy waste and a smaller carbon footprint. It also fosters a more minimalist lifestyle and communal living. However, there are also some disadvantages to small spaces, like feeling claustrophobic. Small homes can feel tight, stuffy, and dark. […]

replacement windows in Long Beach, CA

Signs You Need Replacement Windows in the Basement

Windows in the basement often get overlooked, especially if the area of the home is unused or unfinished. But the windows in the basement of the home are just as important as the ones on upper levels. They provide light, ventilation, security, and energy efficiency. But because they are out of the way, homeowners don’t […]

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Is Window Condensation Cause for Concern?

At some point you have probably noticed moisture on your windows. In fact, it may be a fairly common occurrence in places like the kitchen or bathroom. It typically comes and goes on its own and isn’t usually something to worry about. But there are some instances where condensation indicates a more serious problem where […]

replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA

Household Problems Solved with Replacement Windows

Because they are such a large investment, replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA often take a back seat to other home improvements. But what most homeowners forget is new windows will do so much more than just spruce up the home. Here are just a few household problems homeowners can solve with new windows: 1. […]

replacement windows in Los Alamitos, CA

3 Steps for Choosing the Right Replacement Windows

You might think most replacement windows in Los Alamitos, CA look the same, but the truth is there is a big difference between brands and products. There are different levels of performance and quality. And upgrading to new windows won’t always mean increased efficiency, security, and curb appeal if you don’t choose the right products. […]

replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA

The Cost-Saving Benefits of Replacement Windows

Homeowners often struggle with the decision to repair or replace old windows. They worry about the cost and think repair will save them money. In some cases, windows can be repaired, but if they are too old sometimes it is better to upgrade to new windows. What homeowners often forget is though replacement windows in […]

replacement windows in Long Beach, CA

Tips for Keeping Replacement Windows Clean All Summer

Clean windows fill your home with natural light and make rooms feel larger, well kept, and more welcoming. Dirty windows have the opposite effect, making a home feel dingy, unkempt, and reducing the perceived value of your home. But in the summertime, it is often more difficult to keep windows clean. The climate is part […]