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Bi Folds and Moving Walls are everywhere.  In today’s construction arena they have almost become common place.  Although we supply these products for new construction, our focus is on the replacement market and we view the sale and installation of each Bi Folding Window or Door systems, as the ultimate selection amongst window and door product.

At Seaport Windows and Doors we believe that the ultimate selection in the replacement industry is an “ULTIMATE” Bi Folding Door system, built and installed by Seaport Windows and Doors.

The purchase of an “ULTIMATE” Bi Folding Door system in not just the purchase of a door system, but rather the purchase of a home transformation and experience that will blend form and function, to enhance your daily living and the Southern California life style.  It is a transformation and experience that will leave you with one simple word, “WOW!”

Once the primary decision has been made to experience the transformation to an “ULTIMATE” Bi Folding Door system, there are a myriad of choices that must be made in order to bring your transformation to life.  Size, swing orientation, number of panels, stand alone or all to one side, screen or no screen, sill height and color are all questions that we will guide you through in order to insure maximum performance and complete satisfaction.

Upon design approval, your “ULTIMATE” Door system enters the build process.  In this process we use the best materials possible to produce a door system that will give you a life time of service and pass the ultimate test of Life.  Below are the components we use to ensure your “ULTIMATE” Bi Folding Door system is of the utmost quality:

  • Brio Bi Folding Hardware
  • Azek cellular vinyl jamb components
  • Plaspro flush glazed fiberglass door panels, or wood panels to match existing windows and doors
  • Schlegal weather stripping
  • Novagard sealants

The final step of the transformation is the installation phase.  It is at the end of this phase that the owner gets to finally experience the breath taking beauty of the “ULTIMATE” Door System.  As in each other phase of the project, nothing is left to chance.  We specify each component and application technique to ensure the best performance of the product and the protection of the home.  The list below outlines point by point the procedure that is used in each installation.  It may vary slightly based on the job requirements, but the key components remain the same.

    • Paper and plywood interior floor protection, and plywood exterior surface protection.
    • An impenetrable interior dust wall to protect the interior living areas.
    • Very careful removal of the existing interior casing and existing door unit.
    • A concrete cut and removal as may be required to reduce sill height to create a sill in each “ULTIMATE” Door installation that is flush to the finish floor.
    • Sill pan protection to insure a water tight installation
    • New moist stop perimeter flashing paper.
    • GRK washer head coated screws to secure the jamb into the wall.  Each screw is set into a countersink and covered with an Azek flush plug.
    • Hilti insulating foam around the perimeter of the new frame unit.
    • Composite Azek exterior brick mold casing trim, keyed for stucco as required.
    • Bonderized metal head flashing over the composite brick mold.
    • A second piece of moist stop flashing over the metal head flashing.
    • Exterior surface patch and tie in, i.e., stucco or siding.
    • Interior wall patch as required.
    • Interior casing.
    • Floor transition piece to match or complement the existing floor condition.
    • Interior and exterior paint.  Paint tie in is available upon request.
    • Removal of the dust wall.
    • Complete clean up and haul away of all debris and old window and door product.

It is at this point of completion that the word “WOW!” is exclaimed.  It is a breath taking experience to open the new “ULTIMATE” Bi Folding Door for the first time, and it never gets old.

Experience the transformation with the “ULTIMATE” Door System built and installed by Seaport Windows and Doors.

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