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“The Right Way”

Today the industry focus seems to be on how quickly a job can be done.   One day installation is everyone’s goal.  At Seaport Windows and Doors our focus is on quality, not speed, and our goal is to do the best job possible for each and every homeowner.  We believe in doing things “The Right Way” , not necessarily the quickest way.

Seaport Windows and Doors is a company driven by quality as part of our commitment to “COMPLETE FULFILLMENT”.  So what makes up “The Right Way”?

    • We will provide a free in home consultation to determine the extent of the project, and the product that will best fit the need while staying within the budget.
    • We will walk it, talk it and give you our professional opinions to help you make informed decisions regarding product, installation technique and of course the finish look.
    • Within days of the appointment we will provide a written estimate of the project as discussed.
    • We will respond quickly to all questions and issues that may need to be discussed or clarified, until we have full agreement on the product to be provided, the installation technique, the finish that is to be used and the price that will be paid.
    • After the project has been signed we will mail a Welcome Packet, with all of our administrative information, including insurance carriers, office contacts, and a job scope of work write up to insure we are all on the same page.
    • We will provide communication throughout the order process to make sure the client is aware of product delivery dates, back orders, or any potential changes in the projected delivery dates.
    • We will inspect all product at the time of delivery to insure the highest quality of all product ordered.
    • Once the product has been accepted in our shop we will call to let our customer know we have accepted the product and schedule an installation date.
    • We will assign a crew to the project, and once the installation begins the crew will stay on the project until it is 100% complete, with the exception of inclement weather and items that are outside of our control.

replacement windows in Long Beach, CA

    • All of our men work for Seaport Windows and Doors and follow our procedures.  We do not use any subcontracted installation labor.
    • We work in two man teams and start the replacement process in an agreed upon location and move methodically around the house, completing each room as we go.
    • We provide full specification of the best materials that will be used in the installation process.  There are no compromises or inferior components used.  We use GRK coated fasteners, TRIM QUICK white hole plug covers, HILTI insulating foam,  NOVAGARD back bead sealant (behind the retro fit), SIKA Polyurethane top out sealant (around the perimeter of the retro fin),  and SHERWIN WILLIAMS acrylic latex paintable for interior applications.
    • We start with full protection of the home and the home furnishing by always covering hard floor surfaces with Red Resin paper and the carpet with carpet runners.  Additionally we use light weight painter’s plastic to cover the furnishings in each room we work in.  New plastic is put down in each room as we move and we never move plastic from one room to another.
    • We provide an upgraded painted interior trim as our standard, not an additional option.  We trim the interior with detailed and painted mitered picture frame ogee stop trims or we upgrade to jamb extensions and full interior casing, also painted to match the window.  Our goal is to make the new replacement window look like a quality addition.  For this reason WE DO NOT USE FLAT STICK ON VINYL TRIMS, referred to in the industry as “Lick and Stick” trim.
    • We provide blue tape protection for all surfaces that are adjacent to the caulk line.  We then caulk, tool, and remove the blue tape as soon as the caulk and tool is complete.  In this way we minimize and try to eliminate caulking smear, the unsightly item in most replacement window jobs.  Our goal is nice tight caulk lines that look like they were put in with a pencil.
    • We will walk the owner through the finished product, explaining operation and inspecting all aspects of the installation, the window, screen, door and hardware.
    • We will provide the manufacturer’s warranty card at the conclusion of the project.
    • We will provide the owner with the opportunity to grade our install team and our company in a written form.
    • We will do a complete clean up and haul away on a daily basis to make it look like we were never there.
    • If factory service is required, we will stay involved until it is complete.
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