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What are the Benefits of Daylighting?

People have a natural attraction to and a need for natural light. It is why dwellings from early caves to modern enclosures all have holes carved out. They give the occupants access to light, ventilation, and the outdoors. Can you imagine a home without any fenestrations or openings? It would be a dark, enclosed space that doesn’t sound practical or appealing, especially in a home. […]

What are the Best Replacement Windows for Natural Light?

When it comes to choosing the right replacement windows there is a lot to consider: energy efficiency, ventilation, materials, style, etc. With more people favoring open floor plans, optimizing natural light is another piece to that puzzle. You need the right arrangement and style of replacement windows in Long Beach, CA if you want to […]

Do I Want Awning or Hopper Windows?

When purchasing replacement windows, sorting out the best window style is one of the biggest decisions you will make. The style will determine the function and aesthetic of your new windows. It will also control the amount of ventilation and natural light you can get. You will need to consider what kind of room it […]